customize one classic car is something that stirs a lot with the emotions of car lovers, so much so that, in Brazil, it is possible to put a special license plate on a vehicle that has reached more than 30 years and few changes. When this modification goes through the electrification of the car, this touches an even weaker point for lovers of vintage cars, but what if this modification is the replacement of the V8 engine of the classic Ferrari 308 GTSi by an electric motor from Tesla?

This change, which may be considered heresy by the most purists, was made by the British customization company Electric Classic Cars, which replaced the noisy and “guzzling” eight-cylinder Italian engine for a much quieter 100% electric power unit. This type of modification is not unprecedented for the British who, as the name of the company suggests, have as a market niche the transformation of classic models into EVs.


On the track

The original configuration of the 308 GTSi, while powerful, is slightly weaker than that of one of its contemporaries, the Ferrari Testarossa. While the 308 has a 8hp V214, the “Red Head” has a powerful 12hp 4.9 V395 and torque of 48,9 kgfm. In other words, it is very clear that a "catch" between the two would be easily defeated by Ferrari Testarossa.

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But with the replacement of the original engine by the electric power train, the 308 GTSi gained a certain advantage over its rival, as it now has no less than 456 hp and a torque of 61,1 kgfm. In addition, switching from the combustion engine to an electric one made the vehicle lighter. With this, the challenge proposed by the Carwow channel, in the the UAF YouTube-channel, was easily defeated by the electrified 308 GTSi in several challenges, even with Testarossa coming out ahead in some starts.

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