TikTok applied the calls beautification filters in some of its users without their requesting or even giving express authorization to do so. According to customers, the changes include the thinning of the jaw, which gains features more linked to women, in addition to a smoothing of the skin texture, which gains a softer appearance.

The first person with some relevance to report this was the tiktoker Tori Dawn, who has over 320 followers. Dawn noticed that the filters, which had never been enabled for live streams and videos, were enabled for a live performed by her. According to the influencer, there was no way to turn off the effect, which molds itself to the shape of the face and subtly softens its features.


congrats tiktok I am super uncomfortable and disphoric now cuz of whatever the fuck this shit is

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“My face is very androgynous and I like my chin,” Dawn said in an interview. “So when I saw it softened, I thought 'why would they do that, why?' This is one of the only things I like about my face. Why would they do that?”

Digital Harmonization

Beautification filters are relatively common on social networks, making users' faces relatively standardized. Among the characteristics changed by the filters are eye enlargement, lip augmentation, makeup application and change in the shape of the face. However, in general, this is a choice of users, who can turn the filters on or off, and it was the inability to turn off the feature that irritated Dawn and some of her followers.

Tiktoker made a video extremely angry to vent about what happened. “While this is still happening,” Dawn said, showing her jaw, which was noticeably thinner. “I'm not comfortable making videos because it's not my appearance and I don't know how to fix it,” added the influencer.

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