This Thursday (10), Schneider Electric, global leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, announced its newest energy distribution product: the SM Air Set. The launch took place at the Innovation Summit 2021 event, promoted by the company itself, which brought together top executives for debates about innovation and sustainability in the market.

Schneider's new product consists of a medium voltage panel — responsible for connecting customer facilities to the grid of the distribution company. electricity — “green”, which uses only pure air and vacuum instead of gas that is harmful to the ozone layer of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6).


"This is another advance by Schneider Electric in its sustainability actions to gradually reduce the carbon emission, allowing users to make the most of digital resources to extract the value of data without compromising the environment”, said Julio Martins, vice president of Schneider Electric in Brazil.

According to Schneider, the SM Air Set will be an ideal solution for distribution systems up to 24 kV, such as views in hospitals, commercial and industrial buildings, and data centers. This is because, integrated with the company's own EcoStruxure technology platform, it will be possible to monitor and manage energy predictive and preventive assets.

In addition, the launch is considered a major step towards the development of innovation and sustainability in companies. The digital transformation, greatly accelerated by pandemic coronavirus, has been one of the main agendas of global companies, together with the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) theme, which is increasingly observed — and demanded — by investors.

Acronyms ESG representing the focus on sustainability pursued by the market
Launch represents a major step forward on issues of innovation and sustainability. Photo: Mameraman/Shutterstock

“Digital world and sustainability go hand in hand,” said Guilherme Palhoto, manager of Energy Development and Sustainable Services at Schneider Electric in Brazil. “Over 50% of companies have digital platforms to manage their data with a main focus on energy and sustainability”, he added.

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"Green" future

The launch of the SM Air Set is part of Schneider's ambitious strategy to strengthen its sustainability efforts in the coming years. The company was considered the most sustainable company in the world by Corporate Knights in January 2021, but the idea is to reduce its carbon emission rate to zero by 2030.

For this, Schneider intends to decarbonize its operations, reduce the consumption of resources, work in search of 100% energies renewable and upgrade the company's fleet of more than 14 vehicles to electric cars.

And the process for the goal seems to be underway. About 13 Schneider Electric buildings, located in China, Europe, North America and South America, already have zero carbon emissions. If all goes well, the same will be seen in the other units of the company nine years from now.

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