Among the various services available on the website of the Detran-SP, the request for the duplicate of the CNH, the National driving license, it is certainly one of the most sought after.

In addition to being a mandatory item when driving vehicles, the document has most of the necessary information, such as the number of the CPF (ID), I RG, among other information, which makes it indispensable for Brazilians when they leave home.


This means that being without the document - whether due to loss, theft, theft or poor condition - can be a big “headache”.

The good news is that requesting a duplicate of the CNH can be done in just a few minutes via the Detran-SP website, 100% online.

The process is simple: just enter the data and pay for the service to receive the new document in the comfort of your home.

If you want to know how to request a duplicate of CNH, just follow the tutorial below.

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How to request a duplicate of the CNH

To start the process, access the Detran-SP website through of this link. As it is a highly requested service, the request for a duplicate of CNH will be on the portal's home page. Locate it and click on “Join the service”.

Detran-SP home page

Once this is done, choose the option “Do it via the internet” on the open page. Remember that the CNH duplicate request is only valid for documents that are within the validity period. otherwise it will be necessary regularize the document before doing the process.

Requesting the duplicate of the CNH

If this is the first access to the portal, it will be necessary to register on the Detran-SP website. To do this, simply enter your CPF in the “Register” section and proceed with the process. After confirming the email, follow the same path and, this time, enter your login created.

Logging in to the portal

When entering the page to request a second copy of the CNH, you will need to fill in some personal data again. If you did not enter a mobile number during registration, update the data and return to the page again. Once you have checked all the information, click on “Next”.

Checking the data to proceed with the CNH duplicate request process

Set the desired address for receiving the document.

Defining an address for receiving the document

You will be redirected to the last page before request confirmation. On this page, the value of the service charged by Detran-SP, of R$ 107, is confirmed, including the cost of sending it by mail. Click on “Request 2nd copy” to complete the process.

Finalizing the CNH duplicate request process

Now, all you have to do is make the payment at one of the partner banks (Banco do Brasil, Bradesco and Santander) or Casa Lotéricas and wait for the document to arrive.

To check if the second copy of the CNH has already been issued and sent by Correios, the driver can consult the online service “Monitoring of CNH services”.

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