In July of last year, YouTube added a tab to its platform called “Learning”. The tool, which is still little used, covers various educational content, from history, Sciences and Portuguese, to tutorials like “Do It Yourself” – the famous 'DIY' or 'Do It Yourself'.

Thus, the function can be very useful for those who want to study or understand specific subjects, since the program has several playlists with topics on the researched topic and also relevant topics of the week.


The section works as if it were a YouTube channel itself, requiring you to subscribe to the tab to receive Updates.

Follow the tutorial below and learn how to access the tab from your cell phone or computer.

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Where is the YouTube Learn tab?

  • On the cellphone:

1. Open your Youtube app, click on the “Explore” tab and then tap on the “Learn” section;

2. You will be directed to the “Learn” channel. Just scroll the screen and choose which topic you want to browse, such as "Enemonment Week", "How to Prepare for Enem", "Mathematics for 3rd year", among many others. To subscribe, click on “Subscribe”, in red, and receive notifications of tab updates;

3. By clicking on a topic, you can shuffle all videos of that theme, share the content and also save it to your library.

  • On the computer:

The “Learn” section in computer access is on the left side tab of the menu.

1. Access YouTube through your browser, scroll to the bottom of the menu and click on “Learn”. You will be directed to the channel, in the same way as on mobile.

Learn what it's for and how to use the “Learn” section of YouTube. Image: Shutterstock

Ready! Now you know what it is for and how to use the “Learn” tab, take the opportunity to acquire more knowledge, clear up your doubts and share with friends.

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