A survey carried out by the Brazilian Institute of Retail Executives (Ibevar) indicates the preferences of Brazilians in online shopping for Valentine's Day. According to the survey, trips to romantic destinations and dinners are experiences that gained points in the intention of Brazilians to buy at Internet compared to last year.

In 2020, 46,7% of Internet users were interested in travel. Today, 100% of them demonstrate that they have this purchase intention. Dinners went from 63% to 97% of mentions.

According to the survey, online purchase intentions for chocolates dropped from 100% in 2020 to 72% this year. Image: Suvorova Alexandra – Shutterstock

On the other hand, perfumes, which have always been highly sought after items to give away on the date, dropped from 100% to 84,8%. Chocolates, which also had 100% of purchase intentions last year, plummeted to 72%. Still, these items are among the most desired.

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on the drinks side, wine and sparkling wine lost purchase intent, while gin remained high. From 98% in 2020 to 100% this year. 

According to Ibevar, consumer behavior on Valentine's Day is different from other commemorative dates. “The consumer is younger and therefore has less purchasing power. As this is a relationship that has not yet been fully consolidated, as is the case with dating, purchases in advance are not usually encouraged”, declared a representative of the institute to Estadão.

Ibevar uses information from social networks, news comments and search volume, with the application of statistical and semantic resources. In other words, the indexes are just a way to measure how much Brazilians show interest in certain items. 

Purchase intentions for Valentine's Day surpasses Mother's Day

Valentine's Day has surpassed Mother's Day in investment intention, according to research carried out by Shopee Brazil. According to the group interviewed, the average price intention per gift is BRL 240. For Mother's Day, the average was BRL 210. For 50% of respondents, BRL 130 is the ideal amount to invest in a treat for the pair.

According to the E-commerce Brasil website, more than 2,3 people, aged between 19 and 55, from all Brazilian states participated in the survey.

Of this group, 62% have been shopping online for more than a year, 23% for less than six months and 14% between six months to a year.

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