A study by the University of São Paulo and the Universidade Estadual Paulista indicates that the Brazil increased to two million doses of Covid-19 vaccines given a day, 20 lives would be saved every month. The study shows that 60 deaths could have been avoided in the last three months if the vaccination pace was faster.

The researchers carried out a projection between April and June, based on actual vaccination data from Brazil in the first quarter of 2021. According to the study, if the National Immunization Program (PNI) were to increase to two million doses applied per day, 20 lives would be saved per month.


“If we manage to apply it, if we have the possibility of applying up to two million doses a day by the end of August, we will be able to prevent 30 deaths in Brazil, right? Or the equivalent of 10 deaths a month. This is because because we are walking, our vaccination capacity is increasing, although it is still very slow, the process is slow, but we can still save 30 deaths”, explained Wallace Casaca, data scientist and mathematician at Usp/Unesp.

After the announcement of the government of the state of São Paulo, the pace of vaccination against Covid-19 should accelerate with the 30-day anticipation of the vaccination calendar. That's because the plan is to apply the first dose to the entire adult population by September 15, after which the forecast is to vaccinate 7,5 million people.

In addition, at least nine states have brought forward the dates for vaccination against Covid-19, such as Pará, Rio Grande do Sul and Goiás. "The advance is planned based on vaccine shipments provided for by the National Immunization Program," said Nora Regiane de Paula, coordinator of the State Immunization Program.

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In Ceará, the forecast is to vaccinate all adults until August 31st. In Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo, Alagoas and Santa Catarina it would be until the end of October. Experts argue that the fastest way to suppress the calamity of the health crisis in Covid-19 it is through mass vaccination and also following protocols.

José Cássio de Moraes, specialist in immunization and member of the Covid-19 Observatory, emphasized on the factors that interfere in the success of vaccination: “May vaccination deliveries be made regularly, there is no failure, and the second point, which is a point that depends on the population, which is to take the second dose of the vaccine.”

Source: The Globe

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