According to preliminary studies carried out by the pharmaceutical Novavax, its candidate for vacina – Novavax – is 90% effective against Covid-19 and, includes action against disease variants. According to a statement published on Monday (14) by the company, the immunizing agent "demonstrated 100% protection against moderate and severe diseases, and an effectiveness of 90,4% in general."

The Maryland-based company plans to apply for approval of the immunizer by the third quarter of 2021. If approved, the goal is to manufacture 100 million doses a month by the end of the third quarter, and 150 million doses a month, by the end of the year.


"Today, Novavax is one step closer to addressing the critical and persistent worldwide public health need for additional covid-19 vaccines," said company CEO Stanley Erck.

Novavax vaccine is more than 90% effective and includes variants. Image: Shutterstock/M-Photo

With a large-scale survey, the statement said, "the study was conducted with 29.960 participants at 119 sites across the United States and Mexico to assess efficacy, safety and immunogenicity."

Formally known as NVX-CoV2373, the Novavax vaccine does not need to be kept at extremely low temperatures, being "stored and stable between 2°C and 8°C", which suggests greater ease in transporting and administering the immunizing agent, especially in this case. from countries with poor infrastructure.

Also according to the company, the intention is to leverage vaccination and reach, mainly, people from poorer countries who are being left out of the vaccination campaign.

“Novavax continues to work with a sense of urgency to complete our regulatory authorization requests and deliver this vaccine, built on a well-known and proven platform, to a world that still has a great need for vaccines,” added Erck.

As defined by the World Bank, if we consider the vaccines administered so far, the imbalance between the G7 – groups of the seven most developed countries in the world – and low-income countries shows that, for every 73 people, only one was properly vaccinated.

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market rivals

In the world ranking of the most used vaccines against Covid-19, the american pharmacist Novavax it has great chances of upsetting Pfizer and Moderna, which currently hold market dominance for these immunizing agents in the world.

In addition, the pharmaceutical company signed an agreement with Covax Facility to supply more than 1 billion units to the international consortium that wants to bring vaccines to every corner of the globe. With this, the company can guarantee that all countries have fair access to the immunizer.

Source: AFP

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