After stating last Tuesday (8) that he could "extend emergency aid now, for another two or three months, because the pandemic is there”, the minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, said in an interview to UOL that the government should extend the installments ranging from R$150 to R$375 for another three months.

According to Guedes, the president Jair Bolsonaro (no party) and the Minister of Citizenship, João Roma, will decide the number of installments based on more concrete data from the Ministry of Health on the pace of vaccination of Brazilians.


"The governors are saying that in two or three months the adult Brazilian population will be fully vaccinated, so we will renew it for two or three months," Guedes had said last week.

It is worth remembering that the 2021 emergency aid will be paid only to those who received the benefit in December 2020. It is estimated that around 45,6 million Brazilians will be benefited.

São Paulo anticipated vaccination

a few days after anticipate in 15 days the planned schedule for the vaccination of the population of the state over 18 years old against the Covid-19, Governor João Doria announced another advance in the schedule, and now says that all adults in São Paulo will receive the first dose until the 15th of September.

Until now, the forecast was that the first dose would be applied until October 15th, that is, the SP government anticipated the schedule now by 30 days. The announcement was made by Governor João Doria in a Twitter post.

From Wednesday (16), the population aged between 50 and 59 years will start receiving the first dose of the vaccine, with the age group between 43 and 49 years old starting the immunization on the following Wednesday (23).

Check out the vaccination schedule:

  • 50-59 years: 16/06 to 22/06
  • 43-49 years old: 23/06 to 26/06
  • 40-42 years: 30/06 to 14/07
  • 35-39 years: 15/07 to 29/07
  • 30-34 years: 30/7 to 15/8
  • 25-29 years: 16/31 to 8
  • 18 to 24 years: 1 to 15/9

Until the beginning of this Sunday afternoon (13), the state government says it had applied 19.328.958 doses of immunizing agents, vaccinating the equivalent of 12,86% of the population - 13.374.451 people received the first dose, while 5.954.507 have already been vaccinated with both.

Pre-register before going to the clinic

To advance the vaccination process, the state government launched the Vacina Já platform, to register the population and accelerate the application of the immunizing agent.

Registration is not mandatory, but the state health department suggests that citizens do it to expedite up to 90% the service time at vaccination posts.

To find out how to pre-register, check out the tutorial of Olhar Digital to find out how to register through WhatsApp.

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