The New York State Senate, United States, approved last Thursday (10) new legislation aimed at the right to repair, requiring that companies provide parts and instructions for repairing any type of equipment.

The new lei it still needs to be approved by the state assembly and then approved by the governor, a feat that should not happen before 2022.

View from the top of buildings in New York, United States
New York Senate passes law to guarantee 'right to repair'.
Image: Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

The “Digital Fair Repair Act”, approved by 51 votes to 12, is the obligation of manufacturers to provide the necessary parts and information for any type of repair to their customers or third-party repair company.

However, large companies are concerned about the new legislation. THE Apple, for example, stated that it opposes the right to repair legislation, as it is possible that the safety of its appliances and consumers would be put at risk.

One of the reasons for the tech giant's opposition is the fact that the law is expanding to the scope of software of appliances. Under the bill, third-party repairers and end-users must have access to “special documentation, tools and parts necessary to reset the [digital] lock or function when disabled during diagnosis, maintenance, or repair of the equipment”.

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Enthusiasts of the new law point out that the right to repair will ensure that cellular, for example, last longer, even preserving the environment from electronic pollution. Furthermore, many claim that companies will not need to share trade secrets that put companies at risk.

The project is spreading throughout the North American country and, according to the portal Android Police, receives bipartisan support, making it even stronger.

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