Twitter is at risk of losing your liability protection in India. The social network is singled out as the only major platform that has not taken steps to adapt to the new legislation approved in the country. However, the government may need a court order to remove Twitter's status.

Basically, if you lose the exemption, the social network can be legally responsible for the content posted by users on the platform. Currently, the responsibility for what is said rests entirely with the post and the company's role is to moderate.


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Twitter X India

The Ministry of Technology sent a letter to Twitter on May 28th. However, the agency claimed that the company's responses "do not address the clarifications requested by this ministry, nor do they indicate full compliance with the rules."

India's government's new law addresses enforcement actions against media companies. With the new rules, social networks are required to delete posts within 36 hours if requested by authorities. They are also required to have certain employees 24 hours a day to respond to these requests.

Ameet Datta, a lawyer, noted that the government will have to obtain a court order to remove Twitter's intermediary status. Since only Justice can decide whether an entity is protected by the rules or not.

“We are keeping MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and IT) informed about the progress of each step of the process. The interim compliance director has been hired and details will be shared directly with the Ministry shortly. Twitter continues to make every effort to comply with the new guidelines in India.”

The relationship between Twitter and India has been troubled since the beginning of the year, when farmers protests they started to be organized by social networks and the government started to request the removal of opponents' accounts.

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