About two years after the release of the donation, Instagram has noticed that many of its users have been using its collection for the creation of "kitties", which have their value later reverted to social organizations. Because of this, the social network created a mechanism to facilitate the organization of fundraising events as groups for users of the platform.

Instagram noticed that the fundraiser button had been used by users for social organizations. Credit: Instagram/Disclosure

Instagram noted that many types of offline fundraising are group ventures, such as selling food, like the famous pot cake or brigadeiros, which are very common in Brazil, and shows of charity. With this in mind, the social network realized it could embrace and co-opt this community spirit, allowing users, after creating a fundraiser, to add others, such as friends and family, to the roster of organizers.


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To do this, the user must create a fundraiser and then tap on the share icon on the fundraising page and then click on the “invite group members” option. From there, the user can look for other accounts to invite people to participate in the fundraiser.

Speaking of money…

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Instagram now allows creators to link their profiles to a store. Credit: Instagram/Disclosure

Since last Tuesday (8), Instagram started to allow its content creators to sell their own products. The objective of the social network is for users to start building their brands in a relevant way. To do this, users will be able to link their personal profiles with an in-app store. These news were presented by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, who owns Instagram, during Creators Week.

Now, the content creator can choose to link their existing store or create a new one from their personal profile, so they can chat and sell their products directly to their followers.

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