The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, has been appointed to assume the position of chairman of the company's board as well. The information was released by Microsoft on Wednesday (16) and marks the second consecutive year that the company will not have its co-founder, Bill Gates, as the head of the company's board of directors. gates left office last year, about three months after he was re-elected to preside over the body.

Satya Nadella is 53 years old and took over as CEO of the company in 2014 and has shown good results. His management focused on the restoration of the company, mainly in the division of cloud computing, which has had quite robust growth since Nadella took over as the company's chief executive.


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With him in charge, Microsoft assumed the position of third largest company in the world in market value, with US$ 1,9 trillion, behind only the Apple (US$2,2 trillion) and oil company Saudi Aramco ($2,4 trillion).

Chairs dance

Microsoft's chairman of the board has been held by John W. Thompson since the departure of Bill Gates. Credit: Stephen Brashear/iStock

Until now, the position of chairman of the board of Microsoft was held by John Wendell Thompson, who returns to the position of main independent director, which he held between 2012 and 2014. Conversations between Nadella and Thompson for a possible transition of position have happened since the end of last year, according to a company spokeswoman heard by the The Wall Street Journal. However, the change is not related to Gates' departure from the board.

Bill Gates' resignation from the post would have come shortly after the company's board decided he should resign his post during an investigation into a extramarital affair between the billionaire and an employee of the company, which was deemed inappropriate. According to Gates' advisers, the affair did take place, but it ended amicably about 20 years ago and was unrelated to Microsoft's co-founder's departure from the company's board.

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