As of today (18), young people over 18 years old and without comorbidities can register to receive the "xepa" of vaccines against the Covid-19 in Sao Paulo city. The decision was taken on the afternoon of last Thursday (17) by the Municipal Secretariat of Cheers.

The xepa is how they call the application of the doses that are left over at the end of the day in the UBS (Basic Health Units) and in the vaccination posts. To register in the capital and get in line, all you have to do is go to a health center with a photo ID, such as RG and CNH, and proof of residence.


People who sign up for the xepa waiting list will be called to avoid wasting doses, so when there are open bottles in the unit after the regular vaccination schedule.

In addition, as a xepa, it is prohibited to discard any dose of vaccine, for this reason, employees take down the names and telephone numbers of people. Therefore, if there is any dose left, they call the subscribers and invite them to take the immunizer.

If the person prefers, it is possible to check how the queues are at the vaccination points from the system Keeping an eye on the queue. According to the latest balance of the government of the state of São Paulo, 5,94 million doses of vaccines against Covid-19 were applied in the city of São Paulo, in which 1,64 million of the second dose of immunization.

In the city of São Paulo, they began to be vaccinated between 52 and 53 years old. Next Sunday (19) starts the vaccination for those aged 50 to 51 years old.

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Inputs to produce 10 million doses arrive in June

In addition to the xepa line for people to get vaccinated, at a press conference at Butantan Institute this Friday (18th), the governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB), said that the state will receive, on June 26, a new batch with 6 liters of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (IFA), necessary for vaccine production CoronaVac.

According to Dimas Covas, director of Butantan, the load of inputs will allow the production of 10 million doses of vacina, scheduled to be delivered by July 15th.

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