This Thursday (17), Procon-SP asked the Apple, Samsung and Motorola to explain in detail how the system for unlocking and accessing user information on their devices works.

According to the agency, explanations are needed due to the increase in hacking applications for banking institutions done by gangs specialized in theft of cellular. In these scams, criminals would have managed to move and steal the balance in the victims' accounts.

Samsung cell phones on display
Procon-SP notifies Apple, Samsung and Motorola about the security of the devices.
Image: NZPhotography/Shutterstock

Procon-SP listed a series of information that cell phone manufacturers must present by June 22nd.

The list of requirements includes:

  • Technical reports, signed by qualified professionals, of the validation and efficiency tests carried out to guarantee security in the unlocking of devices and access to registered/stored information, in all its modalities: passwords, security codes, voice and facial recognition, among others;
  • Measures taken by the company regarding the identification of possible problems of breach of access security and data breach in the devices;
  • Form of reception, treatment and storage applied to data provided by users, at the time of enabling the respective devices, as well as in the registration procedure for data security systems/applications, among others;
  • Period (time lapse) provided for the storage of user data – including images and voice recordings, proving the possibility of updating and deleting them (on the device and remotely), if necessary;
  • Billing costs for the use of security devices on the devices and the respective operating system;
  • Form of registration and storage of the "Internet Protocol Address - IP" per user, as well as the security devices used in its identification, addressing, location and remote tracking in case of theft/theft of the device linked to it;
  • Locking systems, remote data deletion and tracking, made available to users/consumers victims of device theft/theft.

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Samsung and Motorola confirmed receipt of notification from Procon-SP and informed that they will respond to the agency within the appointed deadline, while Apple announced that it will not comment on the request.

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