A e-commerce platform Cloudshop and Comunidade Inventivos, an online learning platform, announced a partnership aimed at supporting entrepreneurs beginners and vulnerable, or who have been affected by the pandemic.

The initiative provides 300 scholarships for students to have access to vocational courses offered by the Inventivos Community, in addition to six free months on the Janelashop platform for those who graduate from the e-commerce course and wish to set up their own online store.


The objective of the partnership is to provide students with knowledge and techniques, in addition to encouraging them to put their learning into practice and start generating or supplementing their income with their own virtual stores in one of the most challenging times in the country's economy.

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Partnership provides 300 scholarships for low-income or vulnerable entrepreneurs. Credit: Shutterstock

Registration is open and runs until this Saturday, June 26th. To enroll in the selection process, please click here.

Those interested must have a family income of up to two minimum wages, be entrepreneurs who sell physical products or people who want to start a business, be MEI or not have CNPJ, in addition to being available to participate in the entire journey online.

The course will bring classes for beginners and will address the main concepts for opening a virtual business, including: strategies for selling online, how to choose and price the product, tools for administrative and financial management of the business, concept about delivery and logistics and tips for selling on social networks.

The scholarships will be valid for three months and students will be able to attend all the courses offered by Comunidade Inventivos. In addition, the most engaged scholars will have the possibility of earning exclusive mentorships with experts from both companies.

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Giving tools to entrepreneurs

Comunidade Inventivos is a learning platform led by Monique Evelle, entrepreneur and one of the main leaders of social impact initiatives in the country, and Lucas Santana, new technologies consultant.

The platform's mission is to prepare people for the world of work, acting as entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

“It is only possible to guarantee prosperity for micro and small entrepreneurs if we share tools, knowledge and access. Inventivos' partnership with Cloudshop is exactly for that: help and support those who are starting their entrepreneurial journey so that people can continue to undertake with security and a support network”, says Monique.

The courses on the Inventivos Community platform are available to the public for a monthly fee and can be accessed on the website inventive.co.

Cloudshop is committed to expanding its diversity and inclusion actions to impact the lives of people who dream of creating their own business.

“Our mission is to reduce barriers to entrepreneurship. We want to do this actively, showing that every Brazilian can transform their history. Together with Inventivos, we are going to reach entrepreneurs who are driven by innovation and it will be a pleasure to follow their journeys”, says Mylena Gama, head of Communication and Brand at Cloudshop in Brazil.