the japanese Bandai announced, last Friday (18), the return of "Tamagotchi", the iconic "virtual animal" that was hugely successful in Brazil at the end of the 1990s. For now relegated only to the Japanese market, the "launch" comes in celebration of the product's 25th anniversary and is now in the form of a SmartWatch.

Taking advantage of more than two decades of technological evolution, the “Tamagotchi Smart” features a touch-sensitive display (touchscreen), voice recognition and pedometer, as well as connection capabilities with the virtual pets of friends. The idea is to increase the user's immersion with the “digital pet”, since, by touching the screen, you “stroke” it and, with your voice, you talk and command the “animal”.


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According to a dedicated page on the manufacturer's website, the Tamagotchi Smart comes with 30 hours of battery life. battery. Initially, there is a rather confusing “draw” scheme for first-time buyers, but Bandai confirms that the device will normally retail from November 23, 2011 for ¥7.480 (R$342,12 in direct conversion) .

Furthermore, it will be possible to enable new content through the (separate) purchase of special physical keys. According to Bandai, each one will be sold for ¥1.100 (R$50,31), but they were not informed which content would be released by them.

The original Tamagotchi was released in 1996 (with many versions updated over the years), and had interaction functions such as feeding, putting to sleep, playing “rock/paper/scissors” (yes, seriously – and he didn't even have hands) and caressing. The essential activities, however, obeyed specific times – noon for food, night time for sleep, etc.

The “life” of the virtual pet lasted, on average, between seven and nine days, where, if you did everything right, Tamagotchi would become a little angel. If you didn't take care of it right (or if you tried to use a trick of manipulating the clock to make it grow faster), the result would be a devil.

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