Cuba's vaccine against Covid-19 showed "effectiveness" of more than 92% after three doses, according to its manufacturer last Monday (22). On the other hand, it was not specified whether this was measured against infection, disease ou Death.

As such, Cuba is working on five vaccines against the virus and last month began immunizing its population with two of them still to complete clinical trials.


Via Twitter, the BioCubaFarma laboratory said that Abdala, which is one of the vaccines already in use, "shows an efficacy of 92,28 percent in its three-dose schedule."

A World Health Organization (WHO) established a 50% efficacy limit for Covid-19 vaccines to provide protection against the virus or disease. So the announcement comes two days after authorities announced that Sovereign 2, the other three-dose vaccine under development in Cuba, was 62% effective after the first two injections.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel celebrated the news as an achievement that will “multiply the pride” of the communist island nation. It is worth remembering that Cuba was not affected by the outbreak, however, it has recently seen a strong increase in cases, registering one of its worst days with 1.561 infections confirmed in 24 hours. To date, he has registered just over 169.000 cases and 1.170 deaths.

At the moment, almost 80% of its vaccines are produced nationally and the government hopes to present the first vaccine against Covid-19 produced in Latin America.

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Source: Medical Xpress

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