The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) pointed out that the vaccination 40% of the population of the city of Maricá, in RJ, with the first dose of the immunizing agent was enough to reduce by half the overall incidence of Covid-19, not just the deaths and hospitalizations of severe cases of disease.

According to a report in the newspaper O Globo, the purpose of the study carried out in partnership with the Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation and the Municipality of Maricá was to understand the power of vaccination in containing Covid-19 in the population as a whole and not just in specific groups, as in clinical tests.

Anti-Covid-19 Vaccine Bottle
Maricá reduces by half the incidence of Covid-19 with 40% of the population vaccinated. Credits: Shutterstock

“Vaccines work very well, they make an impressive difference. Even with 40% vaccinated, it was possible to cut the overall incidence of the coronavirus in half. This can represent an overall drop of at least 75% of admissions and deaths from Covid-19. Imagine if everyone had been fully vaccinated, it is a very good, exceptional result of the vaccines”, said the head professor and coordinator of the Laboratory of Molecular Virology at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and leader of the study, Amílcar Tanuri.

The researchers randomly selected 400 households in Maricá and in each household, a person was chosen with the closest birthday date to the collection of samples for the PCR exam to detect the virus and blood for the presence of antibodies.

Based on the results, it was possible to note that vaccination reduced by 51% infections by COVID-2, including asymptomatic and mild cases. And, according to the scientist in charge, the impact on mortality will be even greater.

The survey also showed that 68% of those vaccinated in general had antibodies, even those who only received one dose, with two thirds of them neutralizing antibodies – those capable of attacking the virus.

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When separated from the others, 75% of the group that received the two doses of the vaccine presented Antibodies neutralizing. Meanwhile, 20% of those who did not receive any dose were also shown to have antibodies.

Among the 400 patients studied, it was possible to find two with positive PCR in the vaccinated group and another 7 among the unvaccinated ones. This represents an incidence of 2.400 cases for every 100 inhabitants, demonstrating that the circulation of Covid-19 remains high.

“In Brazil we have a brutal and incomparable situation. Massive vaccination will help us to improve a lot, to keep the virus at the bottom of the valley with controllable seasonal outbreaks. But there needs to be more official encouragement for vaccination. If it weren't for the media, the population would be at the mercy of the pandemic, with no incentive to protect themselves. All vaccines are good, Covid-19 is terrible. I'm afraid for those who haven't been vaccinated yet,” said Tanuri.

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