Airbnb, hosting service on-line which connects hosts and travelers, announced that it has blocked more than 50 suspicious reservations in 15 US cities to avoid parties during the pandemic Covid-19.

The platform announced last year that it would have a strict enforcement action so that properties rented in the tool would not become alternatives for closed events with agglomeration, which goes against the preventive measures of combat to Covid-19.

Several people at a pool party
Airbnb blocks reservations to avoid parties during the Covid-19 pandemic. Image: Michael Vano/Shutterstock

“Instituting a global ban on parties and events is in the interest of public health,” the company said at the time it instituted the ban.

The company's head of trust and security communications, Ben Breit, reported that Airbnb's system blocks rentals from users under 25 who don't have a history of positive reviews that are close to their homes.

The executive pointed out that the rent it will not be prevented if it is a smaller house, or in a distant location, where the system understands that it would not make sense for party venues.

According to The Verge portal, Airbnb is using a specific system to evaluate reservations in Canada, Spain, USA, France and the United Kingdom.

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The company believes that its locks have worked and extended the policy by late summer 2021. The Denver Post reported that complaints about short-term rented homes were halved between January and May 2021, when compared to the same period last year.

However, it is not possible to say that Airbnb booking cancellations are solely responsible for this, or that the fact is attributed to the general awareness of the population regarding the pandemic.

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