This Monday (5), the city announced that the capital of São Paulo identified the first case of the Delta variant of the new coronavirus, originating in India.

A 45-year-old man tested positive for the variant of Covid-19 and is being monitored by the Basic Health Unit (UBS) in your region.


The identification was possible due to an initiative, in partnership with the state government, in which since April the municipality has forwarded part of the samples of positive RT-PCR exams to the Institute Butantan for genomic analysis in order to identify the strains circulating in the city.

In addition, the Municipal Health Department (SMS) is monitoring three people from the patient's family (woman, stepson and child), who are also monitored by the health teams of the local UBS.

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According to the municipality, the monitoring of the Delta variant in the capital is carried out by means of sample calculation, per epidemiological week, with about 250 weekly samples that go to the Butantan laboratory for analysis, where genetic sequencing is carried out.

In addition, the SMS said it closed a study agreement for the Delta variant (about 300 samples) with the Institute of Tropical Medicine of São Paulo and the Instituto Adolfo Lutz, which carry out surveillance in order to identify which strains circulate in the city.

Source: Agency Brazil

Delta variant: what do you need to know about it?

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