Some of the Apple Watch's key features are health-related, but no one expects their life to be saved by SmartWatch. However, a woman from Michigan, in the United States, can say that. Diane Feenstra only noticed one heart attack after a notice from your device.

In an interview with the American broadcaster WZZM 13, the woman reported that her Apple Watch warned her of a heart rate above normal and recommended that she go urgently to a health unit. Lucky for her, she decided to follow the device's advice and called a doctor. An electrocardiogram detected the heart attack.

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Woman saved by Apple Watch

“On the day in question, April 22, I had 169 beats per minute of heart rate, although the most vigorous exercise I did was climbing 12 steps. I called my husband at work and asked, do you think this is worrying? And he said call your doctor,” he said.

The woman then went to a hospital, where further tests found she had a total blockage in an artery. Upon detection, Feenstra underwent a surgical procedure to correct the flaw.

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“Unlike men who often feel an elephant in their chest, women's symptoms are very different. I felt a pain in my left hand, a slight swelling in my left foot, an indigestion that I just explained as acid reflux I was experiencing as I got older. The biggest problem was the pain in my shoulder and I realized that I had somehow put my muscles out of control,” he added.

Feenstra concluded by saying that he received the Apple Watch for his birthday and that the gift turned out to be much bigger than he imagined, as he ended up having his life saved by the device. "It's so easy to see what your heart rate is, if I hadn't done it that morning, who knows, but I might have had another heart attack that would have been fatal."

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