The new champion of 'League of Legends' (LoL) comes to the game with a talent that no other character has. Akshan, the rebel sentry, can bring allies back to life, a power never seen before in the game. It's available in update 11.15 and hits the public beta environment at Riot Games later this week.

Power has the potential to generate controversy among players, after all, it has the ability to change one of the game's fundamental mechanics. Previously, abilities sought to prevent the character from dying, rather than bringing the champion back from the dead.


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But, while the questions don't reach about the use of power in 'League of Legends', it's worth checking what Akshan's abilities are and how to use them. The first one is Passive – Fighting Dirty. Every three hits of attacks or damage abilities, the champion deals explosive physical damage.

Also in this ability, Akshan fires a second attack that deals reduced physical damage. There is the possibility of canceling the second shot as a common basic attack. If you do, he gains a Movement Speed ​​boost.

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Another skill is Q – Vengeful Boomerang. The champion hurls a boomerang that deals physical damage and reveals enemies hit. It gains range every time it hits a target. Akshan can also hit enemies with the boomerang once on the way and once on the way back.

With the W, there is Rebellion. Precisely the power to resurrect allies in the 'League of Legends'. In passive mode, when an enemy champion takes down one of Akshan's allies, he will be marked as a scoundrel. By eliminating the scoundrel, Akshan gains additional gold and all allies killed by the scoundrel will be resurrected at the base.

The scoundrel tag will be removed from all other enemies thereafter. In active mode, Akshan is cloaked for a short period or indefinite time if he's near terrain, can see tracks that lead to scoundrels, as well as gain Movement Speed ​​and Mana Regen while moving.

Another power is the E - Heroic Boost. With it, Akshan fires a hook, which attaches to the first land hit. While trapped, he can reconjure the ability to swing in the direction of the cast, firing and dealing physical damage to the closest enemy within gameplay. Riot Games.

akshan league of legends 2
Akshan is the new champion of the 'League of Legends'. Image: Riot Games/Disclosure

The champion can recoil again to jump towards the cursor and fire one last shot. When eliminating an enemy champion, Heroic Boost Cooldown is reset.

Finally, there is R – Punishment, in which Akshan locks his sights on an enemy and begins channeling power into his weapon to store bullets. Afterwards, he fires the stored bullets and each one deals Physical Damage based on the lost Health of the first troop, champion or structure affected. The character can move and cast Heroic Impulse during the Casting and firing of Punishment.

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