A European Union (EU) plans prohibit the sale of new vehicles with an internal combustion engine from 2035. A document seen by the Bloomberg reveals that European Comission (institution that represents and defends the interests of the bloc) intends to demand that the emissions of new cars and vans fall 65% from 2030 and, five years later, are reduced to zero.

The requirements will also include rules that require the governments of each country that is part of the alliance to strengthen the infrastructure of electric vehicle charging. All measures aim to make, by 2050, Europe become the first continent in the world to zero net carbon emissions (CO2). Before the 2035 target is reached, the EU has also set a goal of reducing greenhouse gases by at least 55% (from 1990 levels) by 2030.

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European Union prepares end of cars with combustion engine. Image: Shutterstock.Com

“There's no getting around that, zeroing net carbon emissions by 2050 means phasing out combustion vehicle sales by 2035 at the latest,” said Colin McKerracher, head of advanced transport research at BloombergNEF.

Passenger vehicles are currently responsible for around 12% of the total CO2 emissions in the European Union and the existing targets for the entire fleet call for a reduction of 37,5% from 2030. However, experts believe it will be difficult for automakers to achieve a 60 percent cut target by 2030, even with plug-in hybrids, which means that more 100% electric models will be needed.

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"These [European Union] targets should not come as a surprise, although they clearly require accelerated change," explained British bank Barclays automotive analyst Kai Alexander Mueller in an official statement.

“Narrowing CO2 targets is a big boost for the European electric vehicle market,” added McKerracher. "The steady pace of European automakers increasing their commitments to EVs recently is probably an indication that knew that much stricter goals were to come".

Source: Carscoops (via Bloomberg)

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