The president Jair Bolsonaro promised to tax cuts sobre or Diesel, plus one more cut the import tax for games. The statements were given at a ceremony at the Palácio do Planalto to sanction the law that paves the way for the privatization of Eletrobras.

About the electronic games, Bolsonaro stated that it is easier for the Federal Government to reduce this taxation, since, as it is an import tax, it is not necessary to find a measure that compensates for the drop in revenue from the public coffers.


“Some complain: it lowers [the tax on] something else. To download something else, you have to have a compensating source. You games, as it is a resource that comes from import tax, you don't have to find an alternative source for that”, he declared.

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Bolsonaro promises tax reductions on diesel and for games. Image: BW Press/Shutterstock

Already in regarding diesel, he recognized that the act is a form of nod with the objective of “please the truckers“. According to the president of the Republic, minister Paulo Guedes, at the head of the Economy portfolio, agreed with the measure, which must be compensated with the withdrawal of subsidies.

“We took an exemption. I will not go into detail here. And we failed to provide an exemption for such sector. With this, we signal to reduce the PIS/Cofins for diesel, which is at R$0,31 [per liter]. Let's move to R$ 0,27 [per liter]”, said Bolsonaro, who did not foresee a date for any of the two ads.

Bolsonaro and the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS)

In addition to the promises of tax reductions from games and for diesel, Bolsonaro again asked Congress to approve the bill that changes rules for charging the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) on fuels.

According to the bill, the tax would be levied at the refinery director and the rate for each fuel would be uniform throughout the country, with an amount fixed in reais and not as a percentage of the total price.

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Source: Folha de S. Paul

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