An explosive and very luminous bolide was caught in the Live Weather and BRAMON cameras, the Brazilian Meteor Watch Network, at dawn this Wednesday (14). O phenomenon was recorded in 15 cameras in Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Bahia and Distrito Federal. Check out the images:

The meteor's passage occurred on the southern coast of Bahia and, according to preliminary analysis by BRAMON, the space rock was completely vaporized in the atmosphere. According to BRAMON, which every night records hundreds of meteors throughout Brazil, there has been an increase in the amount of explosive meteors in recent nights.


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The meteor is a luminous phenomenon that is generated when a fragment of space rock it hits the atmosphere at high speed, heating and ionizing the atmospheric gas around it. In most cases, the heat generated is so high that it completely vaporizes the rock. Depending on the size, speed, and composition of this rock, the meteor can end up explosively, and if it's brighter than the planet Venus, it can also be called a bolide. And in this case, the meteor was so luminous that it was also detected by the Meteorological Satellite GOES-16, 32 kilometers away from Earth.

Meteor flash recorded by GOES-16 Satellite
Meteor flash recorded by the GOES-16 Satellite. Source: RAMMB/NASA

Another thing that caught our attention in this bolide registered in southern Bahia was the persistent trail. Even after the meteor had passed, an ionized trail remained glowing for a few seconds in the sky. In the study of meteors, this phenomenon is called “persistent trail” and is indicative of the great energy dissipated in the atmosphere.

At the end of July, more explosive meteors are expected to be observed due to the Alpha Capricornids meteor shower, which usually has meteors like this. The increase in these types of meteors reported may indicate a possible outbreak in Alpha Capricornids or even an as-yet-unknown meteor shower. BRAMON is already analyzing the cases to see if there is any relationship between them.

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