Nintendo will soon release a model of the Switch console with OLED screen, plus other improvements to the device's hardware. The company expects more profit with the gadget, even with the US$ 10 (about R$ 50, in direct conversion) more spent to manufacture each unit of the game.

Information on the increase in Nintendo's costs was revealed by the website specializing in economics Bloomberg. The games company expects its profit margins to increase with the model because other technologies used in Switch have become cheaper over the years since the console was released.


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The standard price of Nintendo Switch us United States it costs US$ 300. In Brazil, it costs from R$ 2,2. Abroad, the new model with the OLED screen should be $350. Some experts, heard by the site Gamespot, believe the improved screen and brand popularity will get consumers to shell out the extra value.

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For now, the handheld console is heading toward 100 million sales in the current fiscal year. “Nintendo made a really bold decision because it's obvious that people would spend more on services and less on goods in the future,” said Sony Financial Holdings Senior Economist Takayuki Miyajima.

Most players prefer to use the Switch as a handheld. Image: Shutterstock

Another who believes the price of $50 more is justifiable is Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Securities. He explained that Nintendo wouldn't charge the extra amount if it didn't believe the device would sell well in a market where most gamers prefer to use the Switch as a handheld device.

The new Nintendo Switch console will be released next October. The pre-sale began this Thursday (15). As for the supposed Switch Pro, Nintendo confirmed that it is developing a new hardware, potentially launching a more powerful console eventually.

Street: Gamespot

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