Since March of this year, SpaceX has been working on the construction of a huge tower. rocket launch on your premises in Boca Chica, in Texas. The tower will serve as the base for the launch of the Super Heavy Falcon and Starship.

While the company awaits further revisions, the US Federal Aviation Administration (US) can order SpaceX to take down everything it has done so far at any time. It is not new that the tower is the target of confusion between the company and the FAA, as the company initially claimed that the tower would be used only for research and testing of manufacturing and assembly.

FAA building
FAA building in Washington, DC. Credit: Department of Transportation

However, now SpaceX wants to use it to perform releases, a change that is subject to FAA regulation. According to experts in the aerospace industry, the SpaceX tower appears to be the newest battleground in the dispute over who has the real power in the space industry: private companies or regulatory agencies.

Lagged evaluation

The SpaceX tower problem stems from the FAA's environmental review of SpaceX's operations in the state of Texas. The most recent assessment was completed seven years ago, in 2014, and involved an entirely different rocket from the Falcon Super Heavy.

SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell said the company wants to launch an orbital spacecraft from Boca Chica in July. However, for this, the company will need a new license from the FAA to proceed with the next phase of testing the spacecraft. "The company is building the tower at its own risk and expense," a FAA spokesman told CNBC.

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In addition to the greater impact the Super Heavy could have on the adjacent Boca Chica base, the new tower is also much larger than any structure assessed by the FAA in 2014. So there are still many questions about what the consequences will be and how big could be the dangers during an actual launch.

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