The president Jair Bolsonaro authorized this Friday (16) that factories in the veterinary industry produce vaccines against Covid-19. However, the entire process needs to be done in separate locations from the drugs facing animals.

The intention with the new law is to increase the production capacity of vaccines in Brazil to reduce dependence on the foreign market. All sanitary rules for the manufacture of medicines for humans must be followed by veterinary factories that are going to make vaccines for Covid-19. The process must be kept separate from animal products, including filling, but in some cases storage can be done in the same space.


Veterinary factories and Covid-19 vaccines

"If there is no such possibility, such storage can be done in the same area as the vaccines for veterinary use, upon prior evaluation and consent of the federal health authority, and provided that there is a methodology for identification and segregation of each type of vaccine", says an excerpt of the document, according to the newspaper The Globe. The publication should take place in the official gazette this Friday.

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Although approved, the law had a veto in the section on tax incentives for veterinary factories to adapt to the new model for manufacturing vaccines against Covid-19. According to the government, this would have an impact on the collection of the union and more studies are needed for a measure in this way since, in the proposed terms, it could lead to non-compliance with the Fiscal Responsibility Law (LRF) and the Budget Guidelines Law (LOA) of 2021.

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