In June, to Electronic Arts (EA) was the victim of a cyber attack in which a group of hackers stole 780GB of data, including the source code of 'FIFA 21' and the Frostbite engine, which powers titles like 'The Sims' is 'Battlefield'. Now, criminals have started to leak the information in the Internet, in an attempt to force the company to pay a ransom.

In message left on Reddit and in other forums (written in English with a lot of errors, by the way), the hackers explain that they sent the developer an email detailing their intentions. After they were not answered, the group decided to release a file with about 1,3 GB of stolen internal data, which includes references to the technologies used by the company, as well as information about games.

Fifa 21
Hackers invaded Electronic Arts and stole 'FIFA 21' source code. Image: EA Sports/Publishing

Even so, EA isn't giving in to the hackers' demands — it even says it's not at all concerned about the attempted extortion. In a press release, the studio guarantees that the cybercriminals' strategy will not have even a minimal impact on business.

“We are aware of recent posts by alleged hackers and are analyzing shared files. At this time, we believe it does not contain data that poses any privacy concerns to players and we have no reason to believe that there is any risk to our games, businesses or players. We continue to work with the authorities as part of this ongoing criminal investigation,” detailed the official statement.

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As is often the case with this type of cyberattack, the ultimate goal is to extort some amount of money from the victim – similar to what happened with the CD Project, from games like 'The Witcher' and 'Cyberpunk 2077'.

In any case, the company maintains the same rigid – and confident – ​​posture since the attack took place, without giving in to the hackers' demands, at a time that is preparing for the EA Play Live digital fair, where he will present the news of the games in development.

Source: VG247

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