A Microsoft overrepresented new version of windows 10, to "21:2 am“. According to the company, the update focuses on “the productivity and safety“, in order to respond to the “feedback from your customers”. The official launch will take place in 2021, starting in October.

In the announcement, the company reiterates its commitment to the software's 1,3 billion users, despite the “excitement” with the arrival of its successor, or Windows 11. The current operating system, released on July 29, 2015, will receive official support until October 2025, totaling more than 10 years of “service”.

21h2 version
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Among the new features of version 21H2 are the support for GPU acceleration in the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and the Azure IoT Edge for Linux on Windows (EFLOW), primarily aimed at “heavy” workflows, and the implementation of the WPA3 H2E standard for greater protection of wireless connections. O Update it also features improvements to the Windows Hello for Business authentication system.

The novelty is already being distributed to the participants of the Windows Insider program (which is free). The new version will be released as a "minor maintenance", as Microsoft explains. In other words, users with operating system version 2004 or higher will have a faster installation experience.

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Also according to Microsoft, Windows 10 21H2 will have support for LTSC clients until 2026 at least. For Windows Home and Pro versions, support is 18 months, while Educational and Business edition customers will have 30 months of support.

Source: Windows Blog

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