had the WhatsApp stolen or cloned? This can give a headache (in addition to despair) users, as cybercriminals usually make use of this practice to apply scams on the victim's relatives, friends and other contacts in the app (app). However, know that it is possible to recover the hacked messenger with help from the company's technical support, describing the problem with your messenger and providing details.

Currently, there are four practical procedures to get an account back. The user can access the general help page in the browser, send an email to the technical department, or even access the help forms in the app and in the web version of the service.


Here's how to recover a cloned WhatsApp account through support:

WhatsApp Web prints cannot be used as evidence, confirms STJ
WhatsApp support: how to contact me to recover a cloned account?. Image: Antonio Salaverry/Shutterstock
  • Contact support via the mobile app

1 – Open the WhatsApp app on Android or iOS and click on the gear (or three dots, if applicable) icon. Then tap the “Help” option (there are some smartphones in which it will be necessary to access “settings” before the “Help” option appears);

2 - Access the “Contact Us” tab to view the help form. Then describe the problem in detail and attach screenshots (screenshots) so the department can help resolve the issue.

cloned whatsapp
Contact support through the mobile app. Image: Olhar Digital/Mounting
  • Contact support on WhatsApp Web

1 - Open WhatsApp in your browser and tap the three dot icon, which is located at the top of the screen. Then, access the “Settings” option;

2 - Click on the “Help” option in the messenger's side menu;

3 - Access the “Contact Us” option to view the screen with the WhatsApp help form on the web;

4 - From there, fill in the form with an email address and inform the subject of the cloned account, describing what happened in detail. Important: Remember to attach screenshots to help the app team identify the issue. After the procedure, tap “Submit”.

cloned whatsapp
Contact support on WhatsApp Web. Image: Olhar Digital/Mounting
  • Get in touch via the WhatsApp support page

A third way to solve the problem is by going to the support page. "Talk to us", available to help users with various problems.

From there, inform the phone number, the mobile device on which WhatsApp is installed and describe in detail what happened. Then tap the “Submit Question” button.

Get in touch via the WhatsApp support page. Image: Olhar Digital/Mounting
  • Send an email to the WhatsApp support department

Another way to recover the cloned WhatsApp is to call the application's support department via email support@whatsapp.com. When choosing this way, it is preferable that the contact is made using your personal email.

In the message, make the information as clear as possible, informing the telephone number, the mobile device on which the app is installed and explaining the problem in question in the most detailed way possible.

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