Some drivers of Tesla vehicles are already using the beta version of the autonomous system Full Self-Driving (FSD). Now, the electric car maker offers the electronic resource driver assistance in subscription form. And it's not cheap.

Cars equipped with a basic autopilot must pay US$199 (R$1.045, quoted on Monday, 19) a month, while the improved system has assistance for US$99 (about R$520). Subscription can be canceled at any time.


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The subscription, however, is only eligible for those Tela cars with at least version 3.0 of the computer chip FSD, released in mid-2019. The hardware needed for the standalone system has been standard on the company's cars since 2016. However, older ones have outdated chips.

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To exchange the part for a more current one, the owner of a Tesla car needs to pay US$ 1,5 thousand (R$ 7,8 thousand). The definitive Full Self-Driving system costs US$ 10 thousand (R$ 52,5 thousand).

Tesla tells the regulator that fully autonomous cars may not be ready by the end of the year. Image: Playback / Youtube
Tesla warns, however, that autonomous systems need constant supervision from the driver. Image: Playback/Youtube

All Tesla cars leave the factory with the autopilot, which already has semi-autonomous driver assistance. The FSD has more advanced range, including the ability to pass other slower vehicles on highways, react to traffic lights and other stop signals, and even handle some types of parking.

With FSD, the driver can also call the car in parking lots, but it is necessary to remain “in sight” of the vehicle. It is noteworthy that Tesla warns drivers that both the standard autopilot and the FSD need constant monitoring, after all, they can make mistakes and the driver remains ultimately responsible.

Version 9 of the FSD began shipping to Tesla car drivers this July.

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