How to deal with online fraud? Education and prevention are the pillars to feel safe if any data leakage ou ataque cibernético to corporate devices

After a year full of challenges for cybersecurity, we ask ourselves how secure companies feel when dealing with the new situations that arise as a result of pandemic. In the sector of security For example, there were many changes needed for business continuity both at home and within teams in companies. And that also raised doubts about the topic.


Talking about corporate security often generates some apprehension in managers and team leaders. Even more so when it comes to how to prevent or resolve online fraud. In order to spend more time at home, including for work, it was necessary to reorganize routines and expand the use of resources that would make the home office simpler, with a very urgent demand. This rapidity in developing and investing in these types of resources, however, made many leaders not feel confident about the level of security provided in the equipment and began to fear, even more, a robust attack or a data leak.

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With everything so new, we could not count on the solidity of actions taken with due planning. In addition, it is not new to anyone in the industry that cybercriminals take advantage of this turbulent climate to work. Therefore, entrusting your corporate equipment and even the virtual tools used by your IT team to serious professionals and efficient resources is the key point to keep the teams and the company safe from so many new emerging scams.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the technology sector has been the fastest growing, going against most other markets. All this growth fills the eyes of criminals, who see good financial opportunities with scams and frauds. But not feeling safe doesn't mean not feeling worried. According to the latest ESET safety report, 64% of Latin American organizations continue to view malware threats as the top concern from a cybersecurity perspective.

In order to change this conception, education and prevention are fundamental elements for us to feel more secure against security frauds. Safer devices allow you to do more efficient work, without interference from the threats that often haunt corporations. Features such as VPN, for example, which have been widely adopted by companies today as a solution to allow their employees to work from their homes, avoiding various risks, bringing more security and, consequently, more fluidity in their daily lives with more time to perform activities that sometimes need to take a back seat due to the troubleshooting demands IT teams have to face.

Along with the use of secure devices, understanding what each person's real needs are is extremely important. That's why I always stress that education about cybersecurity is a key part of preventing stressful situations. Furthermore, it is necessary to rely on preventive actions. We need to believe that the internet, if used correctly, is a safe and practical place for all fronts.

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