O Office Online, or simply 'Office', is a free alternative to Microsoft for those who need to use the most basic features of the apps included in the package Microsoft Office. This tool that works in the cloud lets you create, save, edit and share documents from anywhere.

One option, for example, is to convert a text document created in Word into a PowerPoint slideshow. Check out how to use the direct browser feature.


What you need to know before you start

At first, it is worth noting that despite having been successfully tested in the latest versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, this functionality is still in the 'preview' phase, that is, the resource may receive updates that change some step of the process described below in the future.

Lastly, if you have some media content in your Word document, keep in mind that you will need to manually add them to your slideshow after conversion. So far, the function can only export texts from files.

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How to Convert Word Documents to PowerPoint

The first step is access the site of Microsoft Office. Then login to your Microsoft account by clicking 'Sign in'.

Screenshot of the home page of the Microsoft Office website online

Now open the Word document you want to convert into a slideshow. To convert it, click on 'File' (first option on top left), then 'Export' and 'Export to power point presentation'.

Export Word Document in PowerPoint Presentation Format

You will see the window below with some pre-selected theme options. Just select one of them and confirm the request by clicking 'Export' (you can change the presentation look again in PowerPoint).

Convert Word Documents to PowerPoint, Step 3

If you made it this far, the following notification will be displayed confirming that the presentation is ready. To access it, click on 'Open Presentation'.

Convert Word Documents to PowerPoint, Step 4

The new slideshow will automatically open in a new browser tab in PowerPoint web.

Convert Word Document to PowerPoint, Step 5

Finally, be aware that the file will also be saved on OneDrive with the same name as the initial document created in Word. If you have not chosen a file name, the presentation will be saved with a generic name ('Document 1' or something like that).

Changing the File Name Saved as a PowerPoint Presentation

To change this, click your mouse in the upper left corner just above the current file name to change it.

As this is a resource in the testing phase, you may need to make other occasional adjustments to your presentation after it has been successfully exported.

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