It's like the saying goes “who doesn't have a measuring tape or tape measure with an iPhone”. Okay, the saying isn't quite that, but it's good for the situation. Despite not being a new or known feature, the Measurements app is Apple is very useful in the absence of tools to help you take measurements of any object or surface – and even if you need to know your own height or a friend's.

The resource works like a measuring tape digital and it's very simple to use: just mark the points you want to measure for the application to detect the dimensions.


The feature to measure a person's height is only available starting with the iPhone 12. But, in previous models, you can use the same app to measure object sizes.

In both cases, the feature even allows you to copy the measurements to annotate them elsewhere. It is also possible to take a picture of the screen – a print more easily, without having to press that traditional command with several buttons simultaneously.

However, to find your height, you will need the help of a friend, as the app does not have front camera features and requires a distance from the object (or person) to be able to capture the dimensions.

It is also noteworthy that the measurement can sometimes be approximate, as the distance between the camera and the person (or object) can also interfere with the results.

It's also important to say that the Measurements app is available for the following Apple devices:

  • iPhone SE (1st generation) or later;
  • iPhone 6S or later;
  • iPad (5th generation or later);
  • iPad Pro ;
  • iPod touch (7th generation).

Follow the tutorial below and learn how to take measurements with your iPhone. Our test was done on a smartphone model 7 to take measurements of objects.

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How to measure objects using the iPhone Measurements app?

1. Enter the application and set the starting point of the object or person you want to measure. Press the “+” button to mark the starting point, and move the phone to the next point, when you should click the “+” again;

2. The app will now show the approximate surface measurement. To continue measuring the same location, tap the “+” over the last point marked and continue to the next point, click the “+” again to add the new point;

3. To copy the measurements, click on the number – here we click on the “44 cm”. Then tap “Copy” and paste the measure wherever you prefer (in the “Notes” app, for example);

4. You can also take measurements of square and rectangular areas automatically. Just position the object in front of the camera and tap the “+” button, it will bring up the approximate dimensions.

How to measure people's height using iPhone?

Rather, it's worth saying that you can even try to calculate a person's height using the object measurement feature on older models of Apple devices, but the inaccuracy is high.

However, cell phones starting with the iPhone 12 model have a specific option for this calculation and the measurement is also more accurate for this purpose. The latest models of Apple devices were equipped with LiDAR sensors and augmented reality technology, which give greater accuracy to the metric, especially regarding the height of people.

To find out if your device is included in the list of models that have the specific feature, click here.

That said, let's go to the tutorial:

1. The app automatically measures the height from the floor to the top of the person's head. Just position it in front of the camera. You can also tap the shutter button – which is on the side – to take a photo of the person as measured by their height. 

How to find your height without a tape measure? Know how to use iPhone to take measurements. Image: Apple
Image: Playback / Apple

more assertiveness

Here are some tips for you to be more accurate when measuring people's height:

  • Check if the room has good lighting;
  • Avoid dark backgrounds and reflective surfaces;
  • Make sure the person you are measuring does not have objects covering their face or head, such as a face mask, sunglasses, or a hat;
  • Try to move away from the person you are measuring, maybe you are too close.

Ready! Now you know how to use your iPhone to take measurements of objects and people.

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