Cloning your WhatsApp account is unfortunately not something impossible to happen, many people – including celebrities – they already report having their accounts stolen. The action is a type of scam, in which the offender poses as the user and starts making requests for amounts in money to friends and relatives of the user.

However, there are four ways to ask the messenger's technical support for help at this time and get your account back, they are: by email, by application, by WhatsApp Web and by the website's official page. follow the tutorial below and know what to do and who to turn to in this situation.


Procedures can be done by Android and iOS. The tutorial was made from an iPhone 7.

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How to recover cloned WhatsApp account?

Through the app:

1. Log in to your WhatsApp and tap the gears icon. Then click on “Help”.

2. Then tap “Contact Us” and describe the problem in the field indicated. If you want and have it, add prints that prove or explain the situation. To finish click on “Next”.

Through WhatsApp Web:

1. The procedure is the same in the application, but from the computer screen. Click on the three dots next to your profile picture at the top of the screen. Click on “Settings”, then “Help” and “Contact Us”;

2. Fill in your information and write your message. At the end of the process, tap “Submit”.

Por e-mail:

1. You can also contact messenger support via email Send the clearest possible account of your problem, add all the information needed to solve it – such as prints the phone number where the WhatsApp account is installed on. Ideally, you send the email using your personal account.

By the official page

1. Requests for help from technical support can also be made through the official WhatsApp page. Just go to the page, scroll to the bottom and click on “Contact Us”. Then tap “Contact Us” in the “Support for WhatsApp Messeger” tab;

2. Then fill in the form with the requested information, such as phone number, email, operating system you use – iPhone, Android, etc. – and describe the problem in as much detail and information as possible. At the end, tap “Submit Question”.

Ready! Now you know how to appeal if you find out that someone has cloned your WhatsApp. We recommend that, at any sign of distrust that someone is using your number, contact support for analysis of the case and faster resolution.

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