After years of delays, the Tesla is finally about to start production of the Seeds, your all-electric truck. The information was confirmed by sources from the automaker to the website ELECTrek, which revealed that the line of engine production is ready and the preparation for the general assembly of the vehicle is passing through the final phase before starting the works.

Although there are already some electric trucks on the road – like Volvo's FH, FM and FMX models – none of them have the specifications that allow them to transport cargo as safely (Class 8, one of the highest for the category, according to ACT Research) as the Tesla Semi.


Launched in 2017 as a concept, the Elon Musk editor he stated at the time that the production versions of the electric truck, with a capacity of 80 thousand pounds, would be marketed in options with autonomy of 480 km and 800 km for US$ 150 thousand (R$ 787 thousand) and US$ 180 thousand (R$ 945 thousand), respectively. The vehicle would also have the lowest operating cost of any truck, making it extremely attractive in an industry where every penny counts.

Tesla's electric truck, the Semi, is finally about to go into production. Image: Disclosure/Tesla
Tesla's electric truck, the Semi, is finally about to go into production. Image: Disclosure/Tesla

When it was revealed, Tesla said the Semi would hit the market in 2019 and began taking bookings from many companies looking to electrify fleets, including giants like PepsiCo, Walmart and US fleet companies. The launch was pushed back to 2020, which became 2021. But now things are really starting to move forward indeed.

In March of this year, the ELECTrek exclusively disclosed that Tesla was building a production line for the Semi in a new area close to the Nevada Gigafactory. The electric brand's plan is to produce five trucks a week by the end of 2021.

To employees in a recent email, also obtained by the electric vehicle news website, Musk stated that "it was time to bring the Tesla Semi to the bulk assembly line" and indicated that the truck would go into production "this year" with some deliveries to customers, but without disclosing any schedule or details about the planned production.

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Still according to the sources to the ELECTrek, Tesla plans to use the first trucks for its own operations in California and Ontario, Canada, but some holders of long-term reserves are also expected to receive copies this year – according to rumors, it would be PepsiCo, which has already guaranteed 15 units of the Semi.

Electrifying the trucking industry would have a huge impact on emissions, but in a highly competitive industry where every penny per kilometer is crucial, decisions are often made at a slow pace. In any case, the entire industry is eyeing Tesla's next step.

Source: ELECTrek

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