Jeff Bezos went up there, into space, and back, becoming the second billionaire to do so after Richard Branson returned to Earth on July 11, 2021. And what does the CEO of Blue Origin have to say about the experience?

"It's something that humbles you," Bezos said, paying homage to "all the astronauts who've been up there."


That, after thanking “all Amazon employees and customers” who “paid” for the trip, amidst laughter from the audience gathered for a press conference.

The executive and three other New Shepard crew members participated in the event: wally funk (now the oldest person to go to space) Oliver Daemen (now the youngest person to go into space), as well as Mark Bezos, Jeff's younger brother.

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Image shows the four crew of Blue Origin's New Shepard mission. CEO Jeff Bezos said: "Astronauts say being up there changes you - and it does"
The Bezos brothers, center, with Wally Funk on the right speaking into the microphone, and Oliver Daemen, on the left. Team constitutes the first manned mission of Blue Origin's New Shepard spacecraft. Image: Blue Origin/Reproduction

“The part of gravity zero was one of the biggest surprises, as it felt so… normal,” said Bezos. "Almost as if humans evolved to live in this environment — a sense of serenity and peace." He went on to say that the deepest part of the 10-minute trip for him was looking at the Earth's atmosphere, emphasizing its immensity compared to our presence on the planet.

Bezos said: "all the astronauts who have been up there say this: 'It's an experience that changes us' — and it does."

During the press conference, Bezos and the rest of the team talked about the feeling of having traveled — even for a few 10 minutes — to where few people will be able to go in life, but also took the time to talk about the technology applied in this venture.

“The issue of vertical flight, for example: we want to 'train' with it — that's the whole point of the project: make practice for engineers to scale it on future missions. Taking off and landing vertically is something interesting: it's like balancing a broom on one finger — it's possible, but you can't do the same with a pencil, because the smaller the object, the harder it is to balance it in that position," said Bezos, justifying the approximate six-story size of the ship New shepard with the rocket that took her into space.

"If the ship were smaller, that wouldn't be possible."

About his own future, Bezos said that, with its recent departure from Amazon's leadership, he will be able to manage his time better. Still, he won't be 100% focused on Blue Origin: “I'm going to split my time between the company and the Earth Fund, looking at issues like global warming, sustainability. So it's going to be these two things — and I'll probably have a third thing, a fourth thing, but I still don't know what they'll be.”

But he has guaranteed that he intends to fly again: “how quickly we can restock this thing,” he said, pointing to the Blue Origin capsule.

Anticipating another question from the journalists present, Bezos said that Blue Origin plans to launch two more missions still in 2021, but that it has not yet decided how the volume of missions and new releases will be, now that the company's “debut” is behind us. .

“We'll decide that next year. Of course, we want this cadence to be pretty high, and we're still learning from some current processes—commercial sales, logistical time, and so on. Our demand is very high, we are close to the US$ 100 million mark [R$ 522,65 million] in sales, so we want to have this practice, let's focus on developing this”.

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