A footage taken by a doctor went viral on the social networks during the last week for showing an antibody test that supposedly would prove the ineffectiveness of CoronaVac against Covid-19. However, health authorities say that serological tests are not able to measure the degree of protection of immunizers.

“I don't have antibodies against the coronavirus, even after being vaccinated”, says the doctor in the video shared on social networks last July 12th. "CAUTION. You may have had the same PROBLEM I did. A FALSE PROTECTION”, says the description. However, both the regulatory bodies in the United States and in Brazil ensure that the tests are not able to measure the protection of vaccines.


CoronaVac Tests

Authorities even warn that these types of tests can generate a false positive, indicating that the person has antibodies (with CoronaVac or any other vaccine) even if he doesn't actually have them.

Clinical Trials of CoronaVac demonstrated that the immunizing agent has an overall efficacy of 50,38% in preventing symptomatic cases of Covid-19. The product has already had emergency use approved by Anvisa and has already been recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The very doctor who published the video released new content stating that the test cannot be used to interpret the effectiveness of a vaccine alone.

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“Anvisa warns that diagnostic tests for Covid-19 available on the market should not be used to certify the level of protection against the new coronavirus (Sars-CoV-2) after vaccination against the disease. That's because these tests do not have this purpose," he says a note released by Anvisa before the doctor's video with the test talking about CoronaVac.

"Another important piece of information is that, so far, there is no definition of the minimum amount of neutralizing antibodies - which prevent the entry and replication of the virus in cells - to provide immunological protection against infection, reinfection, severe forms of the disease and new Sars-CoV-2 variants in circulation. Therefore, diagnostic tests cannot be used to determine vaccine protection”, adds the entity.

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