Apple said in a statement released this Tuesday (20) that there is a bug - an error - in the iOS 14.7 version that does not allow the Apple Watch to be unlocked through the iPhone. According to the company, "a problem affects the ability of iPhone models with Touch ID" to access the device, however, the fix will only come in the next update of the software.

For those who are facing the problem, the giant in technology published an alternative solution, while the repair does not come.


“If you have this problem, just type the password directly into your Apple Watch to unlock it. This is only necessary once, as long as you keep the Apple Watch on your wrist. If you forgot your password, it is necessary to reset the Apple Watch”, explained the company in a statement.

Apple Watch and iPhone against Covid-19's spread
Apple admits error to unlock Apple Watch after iOS 14.7 update. Image: blackzheep/Shutterstock

People who wear Apple's technological watch are able to connect the device to their cell phone and thus have the same functions available. When iPhone unlocking is turned on and connected with the Apple Watch, you have two ways to unlock the watch: unlocking the phone or entering the numeric password. As a safety measure, if the device is removed from the wrist, it is also locked.

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For corporate users, however, the bug can be a bit more of a headache, as iPhones with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) profile connected to the Apple Watch require alphanumeric passwords, meaning letters, numbers and special symbols – what is not possible to type by watch -, discarding the first option suggested by the company.

However, Apple also guided what to do in this case:

  • Ask the MDM administrator to remove the alphanumeric password requirement from your iPhone;
  • Unpair and delete your Apple Watch;
  • Set up your Apple Watch again.

Also according to the company, "MDM administrators can also postpone updating iPhones supervised with Touch ID", circumventing the bug until the release of the next update, which solves this problem.

Apple released iOS 14.7 on Monday (19) and among the main highlights of the new operating system are compatibility with the new MagSafe batteries, announced last week, and the ability to combine Apple Card accounts.

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