The old futuristic movies created an illusion that, by now, we would have flying cars passing by. Those that exist are still prototypes. But if they are popularized, a study claims that automobiles flyers will cost as expensive as top-of-the-line models from Ferrari.

The research was carried out in United Kingdom, fur Pentagon Motor Group. Scholars analyzed the numbers and found that the cost of producing a flying car can reach precisely US$686.455,43, or R$3.561.468,06, in direct conversion, using the dollar rate on Wednesday (21) at R$ 5,19.


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The value is greater than the price of the Ferrari SF90Stradale, sold for US$ 625 abroad. Which would be converted, directly, in R$ 3.242.625 (but the luxury car is sold in Brazil for a small amount of R$ 6,9 million, more than double the converted value).

“Although the estimated cost of a flying car is not realistic for most, it is worth remembering that this is currently a luxury product and that technology is in its infancy,” explained Shakeel Hussain, head of marketing for the Pentagon Motor Group, in an interview with Fox Business.

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Hussain, however, recalled that the cost of the first electric cars started out high and slowly became more affordable and widely available. He added that the flying cars currently in production have state-of-the-art features, such as retractable wings, a range of nearly a thousand kilometers and jet engines, for example. Very expensive things.

“It's no surprise that it's priced high, however, in the eyes of a millionaire or billionaire, the cost isn't astronomical, drawing parallels with exclusive supercars like the SF90 Stradale,” added the head of marketing.

So he believes that when this type of vehicle comes on the market, they will share the owners of today's supercars. Even because it's not just the price to pay for the air car. There are other costs as well.

A flight license in the United States, for example, costs around US$ 37 (more than R$ 190). The insurance would be around US$ 17 thousand (almost R$ 90 thousand) and another US$ 14 thousand (R$ 72,6 thousand) to pay for parking, in addition to US$ 800 in fuel (R$ 4,1 thousand ). That's another US$69 (R$356) in the first year, according to the research group.

The PAL-V is one of the electric cars in development. Image: Disclosure

“As searches for 'flying cars' have increased 125% since this time last year, the Pentagon Motor Group looked at the average cost of sales for flying cars that are currently in production,” the company said in a statement. The group examined the AeroMobil, PAL-V, Aska, Moller Skycar 400, Terrafugia and the SkyDrive.

Street: Fox Business

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