A Ferrari 360 Modena was released in 1999, but the design and style in Pininfarina are considered iconic to this day, more than two decades later. Although there are many new units available on the market, it is very rare to find a “limo version" of model like the one you can see below. The vehicle is even listed on eBay for £145k (about R$1,03 million).

The high price likely reflects the car's rarity and the custom work required to build it. However, as always, the “supply-demand” factor will decide whether the asking price for the Ferrari limousine is worth it.

Would you pay R$1 million for a Ferrari limousine? Image: eBay/Reproduction
A Ferrari limousine? Yes, and it costs “only” R$1 million. Image: eBay/Reproduction

The unconventional model is painted in one of Ferrari's exclusive red tones, dubbed “Rosso Corsa Red“, and has 19-inch wheels, smoked headlights and body color divider. Like most elongated supercars, the vehicle has two large doors gullwing (one on each side), which provide easier access to the rear seats.

As is obvious to note, this Ferrari 360 is significantly longer than the original version, but the extra part in the middle looks well integrated with the rest of the body. Pictures of the interior were not released, unfortunately, however, the seller explains that the "limo" has eight seats - including the driver and front passenger.

Would you pay R$1 million for a Ferrari limousine? Image: eBay/Reproduction
Ferrari limousine has gullwing doors and eight seats. Image: eBay/Reproduction

The seller also does not provide performance information, unless the car has a gasoline engine coupled to a semi-automatic gearbox. If it's the same as the original Ferrari 360 Modena, the retrofit version should feature a 8-litre V3,6 engine, producing 394 hp to 400 hp and 275 lb-ft (373 Nm) of torque.

The Italian brand's “limo” is located in the United Kingdom, but the ad on eBay explains that the car can be exported to any country. Also according to the description on the sales platform, the car is extremely “popular among celebrity VIP bookings for corporate and general events, Formula 1 Grand Prix and Formula XNUMX festivities. cinema, television and music".

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