Google Maps is expanding its partnership with companies from transport to provide more accurate information about bus capacity and other means of public transport. Currently, the resource is available in only 200 cities around the world, but soon more than 10 locations should be covered.

The demand for this type of information has grown over the past year, with the Covid-19 pandemic and the need for social distance. Google started to launch the feature as early as 2019, but in a limited way, with this data gaining more importance the company started to increase it.


To determine a bus's capacity, Google Maps uses a series of information that includes the travel history on that line, the time the passenger is boarding, and reports from users who are present on that transport. The company also guarantees that all this is stored anonymously.

Bus on Google Maps

Bus on Google Maps

In some cities, the ones mentioned for now are New York, USA, and Sydney, Australia, it will be possible to see the capacity in each car of a train before boarding. This should prevent some parts of the vehicle from filling up more than others. In this case, there will be a partnership with the concessionaire that manages subway transport in these locations.

Bus on Google Maps

Google Maps will also win a new tab to measure the time the user spends from home to a particular location. Basically, the tool will build a history of the routes you took, the time you took on each one of them and in which days and times. This should help define the best path to take. Remembering that these functions can be disabled.

There is still no confirmation of which cities will receive bus monitoring by Google Maps. Updates should reach all users soon.

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