the British giant of supermarket sector Ocado suffered delays and order cancellations last weekend due to a fire in one of your deposits In London.

The fire was caused by three robots working in the warehouse. But calm down! It wasn't a strike started by the machines, just an accident caused by a collision of the equipment.


In a statement released last Monday (19), the company clarified that it uses robots to facilitate the logistics necessary to deliver its more than 150 orders placed every week. According to them, due to the fire, it was necessary to paralyze part of the warehouse's operation throughout the weekend.

Operation of an Ocado warehouse

Since they were implemented by the company, the machines demonstrated an ability to fulfill more orders and at a greater speed than humans performing the same function. However, the fire demonstrates how a small flaw in a technology that still needs to be improved can cause serious damage.

“Due to ongoing operational issues resulting from a small fire in one of our warehouses this weekend, some of our orders will be canceled or delayed by several hours.
All affected customers will be contacted.
Thanks for your patience".

Missing details

Even though it's easy to remember elements from pop culture movies and series like "Matrix" and "The Terminator", at that time, what happened in the United Kingdom is an indication that some researchers are correct in their thesis that today, automation can still pose some dangers because it is an “imperfect” technology.

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To try to minimize these problems, Ocado has a kind of internal traffic control system to coordinate the robots' movements.

However, this system was not enough to prevent three robots from colliding and causing the warehouse to close for a weekend, which is the period when stores in the supermarket sector tend to sell more.

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