After the sale of the division HyperX, Kingston decided to give a new face to its line of DRAM memory, flash and drives SSD gamer, investing resources and know-how to create the first generation of products with a new nomenclature. Kingston FURY. 

Kingston launches its own line of gamer memory with high performance. Image: Kingston Disclosure

According to the company, “Kingston FURY continues the evolution of high-performance memory solutions for enthusiasts and Gamers, backed by three decades of engineering, testing, manufacturing and customer service experience from Kingston, the world's largest independent memory manufacturer.” 


Kingston FURY wants to be the memory leader in the gamer market

The company's leadership position in the DRAM market leverages the commitment to make Kingston FURY the leading memory in the gaming market.

“We are very proud to launch the new Kingston brand, which delivers the highest performance for PC and game lovers,” celebrates Crag Timont, Senior Director of Marketing at Kingston.

“Kingston's core strength and global leadership as a DRAM and flash manufacturer brings resources to the brand and firmly demonstrates our dedication to the performance and reliability of our portfolio to users,” he adds.

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Starting in October, the company says it will launch memory modules DDR5, which are currently undergoing compatibility testing and validation with motherboard manufacturers. 

Discover the new brand's products

Kingston's new high-performance gamer memory brand will have the following products:  

  • Kingston FURY Renegade: high speed and performance and low latency for the best performance. Top-of-the-line memory (both in RGB and non-RGB modules) with DDR4 frequencies up to 5.333MHz.  
Kingston FURY Renegade. Image: Kingston Disclosure
  • Kingston FURY Beast: the input memory for games, in DDR3, DDR4 (RGB and not RGB) and speeds up to 3.733 MHz.  
Kingston FURY Beast. Image: Kingston Disclosure
  • Kingston FURY Impact: SO-DIMM modules for laptops and other PCs (in DDR3 and DDR4), with speeds up to 3.200MHz. 
Kingston FURY Impact. Image: Kingston Disclosure

The name of the new brand comes from the well-known FURY memory category, created in 2014, which has a tradition of delivering high-performance and reliable DRAM for PC and game lovers.

Soon, Kingston will announce, worldwide, new e-sports teams that join the Kingston FURY team.

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