This Friday (23) at 8 am (Brasilia time) starts the opening ceremony of the 2021 Olympics held in Tokyo, Japan, but even before the official start of the competition many athletes Brazilians are already sharing the backstage of the event on social media. See some to keep an eye on.

Recently, skateboarder Letícia Buffoni, considered one of the greatest names in the history of the sport, went viral after sharing a humorous account about her stay at the Olympic Village. “Today is my first day at Vila Olímpica. I'm loving this place. Every place you look has beautiful people. Go to breakfast, there are a lot of pretty women, with pretty bodies, men with broad, muscular backs. There's blonde, brown, white, black, yellow… there's everything, high low… how come I've never been to the Olympics before? What a wonderful place… it will be difficult to focus”, said the athlete. This is the first year that skateboarding has been an official sport within the Olympic Games. Check out the Instagram of the sportswoman.

Backstage of the Olympics

Another athlete who is showing behind the scenes of the Olympics on social media is volleyball player Douglas Souza. This is another one that went viral, this time with a video showing the team's uniforms in a very good mood. see the Instagram of the player.

Another skater on the list, this time 13-year-old Rayssa Leal. The little one is the youngest athlete on the Brazil team at the games and is accompanied by her mother. On her Instagram, in addition to showing her skateboarding tricks, the girl also promised show the Olympic Village for his followers.

Surfing is also represented at the Olympics and Brazilian Tatiana Weston-Webb is also showing her routine and backstage during games on social networks. Check out the Instagram of the surfer.

In Badminton, Ygor Coelho is also showing his training routine, as well as many photos and videos of the team on Instagram. Check out.

Canoeist Pepe Gonçalves is also competing and is one of the main highlights of Brazil in the games. At the Instagram of the athlete, there are many photos and videos with the backstage of the village during the Olympics.