Technology giant IBM surpassed its own expectations for revenue growth in the last quarter. Analysts confirmed higher-than-expected earnings this week, which generated a 4% valuation in shares of the company (from $2,29 per share to $2,33).

According to the official statement, IBM's revenue grew 3% between April and June this year, from US$ 18,29 billion to US$ 18,75 billion (about R$ 97 billion in direct conversion), the fastest growth registered by the company for the past three years. In early 2021, IBM suffered a negative impact by virtue of pandemic, with an estimated growth of only 0,9%.


CEO Arvind Krishna told the portal Cnbc that the trend is that the scenario continues to improve: "With the reopening of the economy in many parts of the world, many markets and industries are getting back on track."

The 'Global Technology Services' segment alone, which offers management, outsourcing and support services, generated revenue of $6,34 billion.

The 'Cloud & Cognitive Software' sector (cognitive software and cloud), which includes Red Hat (which provides solutions based on the GNU/Linux operating system), contributed with the share of US$ 6,10 billion. Ultimately, IBM's 'Global Business Services' consulting unit achieved revenue of $4,34 billion.

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The company's chief financial officer, Jim Kavanaugh, attributed the good news to accelerating the “pace of digital transformation using cloud and AI,” which Kavanaugh says will increase productivity as well as create “new growth opportunities” for IBM partners .

Finally, the company took the opportunity to present its new technology for chip making in 2 nanometers, as well as new artificial intelligence capabilities. It is noteworthy that shares of IBM, which also invested $1,75 billion in acquisitions this year, have already gained 9% in 2021.

Source: Cnbc

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