In addition to shining on the lawns in the Tokyo Olympics, the ace of the Brazilian women's soccer team, Marta Vieira da Silva, was chosen by the Latam group to be the airline's global diversity and inclusion leader. The goal is to use the athlete's image in three pillars: gender, people with disabilities and diversity of professionals. From now on, the Latam group will use the link with Marta to create a global branding strategy, with the objective of strengthening the company's presence, mainly in Brazil. The actions will be signed by the agencies Graphene IPG, WMcCann + MRM Brasil. 

The CEO of Latam Brasil, Jerome Cadier, explained that the ace will participate in the group's internal and external initiatives, with a social impact that will also value sustainability and new business models, always focusing on efficiency. 


“Latam wants to be known as a company that is more diverse, more inclusive and that has a social role in building a better country, but this is a long path that needs help to be followed. That's why we're announcing this partnership to help us get where we want to be,” said Cadier.

Marta has a successful history 

Elected six times the best soccer player in the world by FIFA, Marta is also UN Women's global ambassador, working in sustainability and diversity. Latam's idea is to expand educational and social programs, so that the athlete's ideas are reflected in several countries.   

marten celebrates goal
Latam's new global leader celebrates goal in Brazil's debut against China in the Tokyo Olympics. Image: Sam Robles / CBF

“I am very happy and honored to work with Latam on this long-term project. Let's play together to look for the transformations we need to make. Anyone who knows me knows what I stand for: freedom and opportunity for everyone to choose what they want to do in sport or in any activity in their lives”, says Marta. 

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According to the marketing director at Latam, Diogo Elias, Marta represents the overcoming and transformation. "And that's why we signed a long-term contract with her and assumed we're still on the path, we need to learn and we really want to learn from her."  

As one of the main voices in the fight for gender equality in sport and also outside the fields, Marta left the floodplain to conquer the world. From her first boot, at age 11, until reaching the Brazilian national team, she has always shown an unusual determination in football and in life, even raising the fight for equal wages and rights in the sport, which has a tradition of valuing people much more. male athletes, who earn much higher salaries compared to women

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