A study conducted by the research group of sustainability Ecoloop concluded that men are worse for the climate than women. According to the researchers, the shopping habits of men, in general, involve products that cause more carbon emission than those that are acquired by women.

Even with men spending only 2% more on consumer goods than women, the Ecoloop team estimated that male purchasing behavior caused 16% more carbon emissions than female purchasing behavior. The survey results were published in this week's issue of Journal for Industrial Ecology.

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In general, men prefer cars that emit more toxic gases. Credit: Light Field Studios/iStock

The data collected by the researchers were based on the consumption habits of citizens Europeans. However, they believe this trend is continuing at a global level. This suggests that, in addition to socioeconomic issues, with richer nations and people emitting more toxic gases than the poorest, there is also a gender issue in climate change.

“[Men] can really learn from women's spending habits, which produce significantly less carbon emissions despite the similar amount of spending,” said study author and Ecoloop group member Annika Carlsson-Kanyama.

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According to Ecoloop, much of this difference is due to the fact that men tend to spend more money on cars, in general, to combustion, than women, who, in Europe, preferred train travel. They also found that men eat more meat with high levels of emissions, such as beef, pork and sheep.

“Men's identities have become strongly associated with the extraction and consumption of fossil fuels and resistance to sustainable diets,” said researcher on ecofeminism and environmental justice at the University of Limerick in Ireland, Asmae Ourkiya, who did not participate in the research.

hard to change

For Carlsson-Kanyama, although it is urgent to work to change the consumption habits of men to be more sustainable, this is also something quite complex. According to her, it is not pleasant to hear that their way of life is part of a problem that could cause the collapse of civilization. However, not communicating the impact of men's choices on the climate would be unwise.

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Transport policies, for example, should be targeted at men to discourage them from spending so much on fuel, from using so many cars,” said Carlsson-Kanyama. “It is essential that governments, in their messages, explain to men how high the emissions their spending is causing,” she added.

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